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At, our customers sell our service for us.  By carefully monitoring the feedback we receive from our clients is able to specifically address those issues that are most important to you - the customer.  While we continually receive incredibly positive feedback from our clients, we also occasionally hear suggestions that you feel would make our company even stronger.  We use your feedback and suggestions to continuously educate and train our staff so that we always deliver nothing short of results guaranteed to "exceed your expectations".

Here are just a few examples of what our clients from around the world say about and our service:

"I was so impressed with your company and especially with the assistance we received from your dispatcher, Pat.  Our flight was canceled a couple of times and our itinerary changed.  She was right on top of things and took great care of us!  I would definitely use the next time we travel"

– Melissa F. (Atlanta, GA)

"The service for both drop-off and pick-up was excellent.  The whole experience made for one less thing to worry about and added to the total enjoyment of our vacation"

– Daniel G. (Chicago, IL)

"My husband and I were so very impressed with our chauffeur!  He was so professional, friendly, courteous, and he really seems to enjoy his job and the company he works for.  I would use again just because of him"

– Rita L. (Miami, FL)

"The level of service was exceptional from start to finish.  I was very impressed with our chauffeur.  He was very professional but not to the point where we felt intimidated.  He talked to us and made us feel very comfortable.  Thank you for providing a service that makes a difference"

– Cheryl S. (Washington, DC)

"I originally found your company on the web to transfer a college student to and from the airport.  This reservation is the second time we have used your service.  Every person I have dealt with has been very professional and pleasant.  It is truly a pleasure to deal with"

– Jodi S. (Boston, MA)

"I made a reservation for my daughter in college, traveling alone on the two busiest travel days of the year and the service was flawless"

– Beverly C. (Philadelphia, PA)

"Everything was perfect!  We had a last minute request for the chauffeur to come 15 minutes earlier - and she was right on time!  We are absolutely satisfied with  It was so great to see the chauffeur waiting for us after we got through customs at Bradley International Airport.  After a long flight across the Atlantic and being hit with bitter cold Connecticut weather, she was a very welcome sight.  We will definitely recommend to anyone and everyone"

– Joseph L. (Hartford, CT)

"I must say, that I too work in a service industry and this experience was an A+ and something I will talk about in my next staff meeting. While our service is different, the high performance of your service was a terrific experience. My compliments to you, Antonio in Dispatch, and Deborah our Chauffeur. We sent our precious daughter on a long trip overseas and your service gave us peace of mind... thank you. We shall recommend and use you again"

– Susan G. (Cincinnati, OH)

"The overall performance was AMAZING!  I must have talked to 5 people over the course of choosing which limousine company to select, and your staff was by far the most cordial, friendly, knowledgeable and informative.  The vehicle arrived right on time, was super clean, and the chauffeur was very professional.  I would definitely recommend"

– Wayne U. (New York, NY)

"I was very impressed with the service I received from It was definitely worth the money, and I will recommend you to all my friends and family"

– Tara F. (Los Angeles, CA)

"This is the best service I have every used. Thank you! It is refreshing to see that there really is a company out there that cares. Great job. Keep up the fantastic work!"

– Jennifer R. (Orlando, FL)

"I can always count on your firm to transport my most precious asset, my son, to and from the airport. Thank you so much for being reliable, kind, and dependable"

– Charlene S. (New York, NY)

"My husband and I were completely satisfied. I was also impressed how the main phone message is delivered by the company's president. From the beginning of my experience with your company I anticipated that I would be treated as he would want to be treated himself. We were very happy with both Chauffeurs that we were provided. They were extremely friendly, and made our 2+ hour trip to and from New York very comfortable. They were prompt and we did not have to wait. We made it to the airport with time to spare, and on our return Arthur was waiting for us with a smile"

– Stephanie W. (Hartford, CT)

"The service was excellent.  Our plane was over 2 hours late landing, and your Chauffeur and Dispatch Staff knew it all along through your flight-tracking system.  We had no problems at all with, and our car was ready and waiting when we finally landed"

– Elizabeth L. (Dallas, TX)

"Our whole experience was wonderful, from the time Rich took my reservation to the time Armando dropped us off at our final destination.  I will surely recommend's service and will most certainly use it again in the future"

– Tara O. (Denver, CO)

"There is no way you could improve this service because it was amazing and perfect.  Our flight was delayed two hours and our Chauffeur was there to meet us at the airport with a smile.  He displayed true professionalism at all times.  I'm glad that I found - Thank you"

– Allan B. (Charlotte, NC)

"I choose first because of the great service and secondly for the price.  I received instant confirmations for all my reservation as soon as I hung up the phone.  All of my questions and concerns were addressed professionally and in a friendly manner.  I will highly recommend's services to my friends and colleagues"

– Jeff W. (Baltimore, MD)

"We were extremely pleased with all aspects of the service that we recently experienced, as we have over the last several years when we have used your services.  Thank you, for providing a transportation service people can rely on"

– Erica C. (Las Vegas, NV)

"Joe in Dispatch is very friendly, helpful, efficient and professional - a great combination!  Katie, our first Chauffeur on September 13th, was wonderful - polite, classy, intelligent, great Chauffeur, warm, funny, and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together - and it just flew by. My second Chauffeur (Bruce)on September 20th, was great, too - courteous, helpful, professional, fun to chat with, excellent Chauffeur, etc. You have been able to provide limousine service with very little notice, and you are cheerful, friendly, helpful and gracious while doing so! Thank you for the best limousine service I've ever had from 4 companies in Connecticut and New Hampshire - about 15 trips. is outstanding!"

– Nicole P. (Pittsburgh, PA)

"Everything was dead on!  The Chauffeurs were terrific and the service experience was nothing short of the best from the first phone call to the timeliness of the billing.  Thank you!"

– William J. (Seattle, WA)

"I do not honestly think the level of service could have been improved upon.  I have absolutely no complaints, although I do have very high standards!  Thank you for two delightful Chauffeurs.  The service was as good or better than any I have ever used.  These comments apply to both legs of my trip with you yesterday.  Outstanding!"

– Jessica M. (San Diego, CA)

"I can't think of any way your level of service could be improved.  I've been TOTALLY satisfied and happy all 3 times I've used  Thank you for such great experiences, and please keep up the good work!  Your Chauffeurs are professional, gracious, friendly, and they make the trip a pleasure"

– Joyce S. (Kansas City, MO)

"There is absolutely nothing could have done to improve the service, from the initial call through the final billing.  The passengers (my family) were also very impressed with everything"

– Bill S. (Cincinnati, OH)

"Nothing could have been done better!  I will definitely recommend to others and will use it in the future.  I was impressed that when I changed our ride to the airport from 10 people to 11 that your company called me to make sure that I still needed a ride from the airport for 10 and not 11 people.  If more companies were as on the ball, there would be less companies declaring bankruptcy!  Your employees deserve a hearty congratulations!"

– Donna S. (Sacramento, CA)

" is my only transportation service provider from now on and, when possible, Bruce is my preferred Chauffeur!  Thanks for providing excellent service... and an environment in which I can get work done while on the road"

– Lucy H. (New Orleans, LA)

"Our Chauffeur was absolutely wonderful.  He was knowledgeable, entertaining, and good natured.  He was a book of knowledge, able to answer all of our questions, and show us some worthwhile sites.  After a long flight, he was the perfect ending to our vacation.  Our car was in tip top shape and the reservation staff was excellent.  No complaints and I will definitely use for my future transportation needs"

– Sierra R. (Houston, TX)

"Great Service!  The car was spotless, the driver was courteous and did not engage in conversation unless I initiated it, the drive was flawless.  I would recommend you to everyone I know"

– Isis C. (Puerto Rico)

"I do not think you can improve your level of service because our experience was perfect!  I spoke with RIch and explained that I had never used your company before and that I had used **.  I can honestly say you, is the only service we will use in the future"

– Maryann O. (Park City, UT)

"No improvement needed. This was the best experience with a car service that we have ever had. I booked the car for the President of our Company. The reservations staff was extremely professional. I asked our President about his experience and he said "it was great, definitely keep this company in mind". He said the Chauffeur was great and everything was on time and went smoothly"

– Patricia B. (Hartford, CT)

"The service couldn't have been better. We really can't express enough how pleased we are with our experience with"

– Jennifer L. (Montgomery, AL)

"The professionalism of the Chauffeur was the best we ever had and I would recommend this company to all my friends. And I can assure you I am not the easiest customer to please, my family and I were blown away. The quality of service given to us by your reservationist was just the same - GREAT! Thank you"

– Raymond S. (Palm Beach, FL)

"I have always had a wonderful and positive experience while using, from making my reservation to the Chauffeurs that I have had.  They are always very prompt and professional"

– Robyn C. (Detroit, MI)

"I'm not sure how you could improve your service, it was fabulous!  We have and will continue to recommend your services to all our friends and family, and are certain we will use your company again in the future"

– Sara V. (Newark, NJ)

"The service was awesome! No improvements needed. Armando was excellent! He was so accommodating and prepared for our trip, I would recommend him to my friends and will request him the next time I travel with"

– Jillian I. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

"The service was Perfect!  Chauffeurs on both trips were extremely prompt, courteous, and pleasant to drive with.  I would recommend your service to all who travel.  It made our trip so very comfortable.  Thank you to all who made this possible"

– Anastasia O. (Phoenix, AZ)

"Everything was Excellent.  I do not think you could improve.  I am so glad that I chose your car service.  I have used's service numerous times in the past and will continue into the future.  Thank you very much"

– John N. (San Francisco, CA)

"Both Chauffeurs and their service were absolutely superb.  I would not change or recommend one thing they could have done better!  It was Fabulous.  I used your competitor in February and had a terrible experience.  Because of this trip with, I will never use another company again.  Thank you"

– Linda F. (Honolulu, HI)

"Excellent Service!  From the phone answering team to the chauffeur.  Bruce, our chauffeur was wonderful, efficient and kind"

– Beatrice T. (St. Louis, MO)

"I called because I needed transportation from an Airport that I had never been to before.  I had a great experience and will definitely use for all my other business trips"

– Steven W. (Tampa, FL)

"It was the first time I've used your service and I assure you I will absolutely be using again, and will recommend you to anyone I hear of looking for a reliable livery service.  Your staff was extremely knowledgeable, personable, reliable and professional.  I was very impressed with the experience!  Thank you for helping me look good in my job to a very important client"

– John N. (Minneapolis, MN)

"Donna was excellent when I first called asking questions about your service.  I have never used a limousine service before. She was the reason I called back and made the reservation.  I called two other companies and was not impressed with there service.  I will definitely be calling the next time I need an ride to the airport"

– Jesse O. (Cleveland, OH)

"This is the first time I used your services and I am extremely satisfied!!!"

– Derrick S. (Oakland, CA)

"I don't see how you could improve the service.  All aspects of the trip were excellent.  Our Chauffeur, David was the best!"

– James B. (Albuquerque, NM)

"Armando, our Chauffeur, was the most professional, helpful, respectable one we have ever dealt with, and we have used a lot of limousine services.  I can't say enough about what a pleasure it was to deal with your company.  I am sold on and will not use any other limousine services from now on.  Thank you for making the beginning and end of our trip so great"

– Joseph F. (Cleveland, OH)

"I can't think of anything I would have changed.  Everything was Perfect"

– Caroline H. (Anchorage, AK)

"We had a great day in NYC.  Your Chauffeur was courteous, helpful, a careful driver, and fun to be with.  I would definitely use in the future.  Thank you"

– Patricia G. (Austin, TX)

"I have no complaints about the service that I received.  I am a totally blind person with a guide dog.  I take safety and reliability into consideration when making transportation arrangements for when I travel. more than met my needs, and I will use the service again in the future"

– Elizabeth U. (Nashville, TN)

"Chauffeur was early, very upbeat and professional, SUV was newer, very clean and comfortable.  When I booked the trip Richard was very responsive also.  It was a perfect experience, Thank you!"

– Pat A. (Columbus, OH)

"The car was comfortable and very clean.  The Chauffeur was superb.  He was appropriately friendly, very courteous and professional.  Very smooth ride.  He is a very good driver.  I would use the service again, and recommend to others"

– Paul L. (Memphis, TN)

"The level of service was top notch.  I couldn't have expected anything more from our Chauffeur"

– Daniel M. (Buffalo, NY)

"I usually don't fill out surveys but you asked what could have improved the level of service I received and I really can't think of anything.  It was professional, convenient, not overpriced.  I thought that was feedback worth sending"

– Jon B. (Burbank, CA)

"I wanted to let you know that your Chauffeur, Bobby, was extremely nice and very personable.  I would definitely request him in the future and recommend your service"

– Carol C. (Dallas, TX)

"I believe that I had excellent service in all areas and stages of my travel with this company.  I would rate it #1"

– June K. (Houston, TX)

"This was the first time I used this type of service and your company.  All in all our experience was excellent!  What was very important to me, since this was the first time we did something like this was your on-line and customer service reps. who were first rate.  They made it very easy to make the arrangements especially for someone who never did this before and had questions"

– Matthew J. (Indianapolis, IN)

"The level of service I always receive is impeccable, and of course it was this time too, but even more so, if possible.  Kim is the most perfect Chauffeur - very confident, excellent and outstanding in every way, and willing to go anywhere and do whatever it took so I could have the most perfect, unforgettable New York experience"

– Joyce S. (Jacksonville, FL)

"The office staff is professional, gracious, courteous and extremely accommodating, which I appreciate so very much.  You all seem willing to almost anything - as long as it's legal - to please your clients"

– Carrie T. (Portland, OR)

"The service was excellent.  Your Chauffeur helped make a busy day of meetings in Boston, MA run like clockwork.  We had absolutely no worries.  You have a new customer"

– Robert G. (Manchester, NH)

"I can't think of anything the company could have done to improve the service.  I talked to two people while making my reservation and both were professional, and patient.  You provided exactly the service I wanted - date, time, type of vehicle, and a great Chauffeur"

– Jerry M. (Milwaukee, WI)

"Short of controlling the weather and traffic, we can think of no service areas that could be improved.  Truly professional and comfortable on all counts.  Thank you for asking"

– Jason C. (Kahului, HI)

"Service was excellent.  The Chauffeur who picked us up was extremely customer focused, on-time, professional, and dedicated to safety"

– Paula U. (Omaha, NE)

"Our Chauffeur was excellent and the car was clean, neat, and a smooth ride.  My daughter and I enjoyed the transport to and from our destination.  Nothing could have been changed.  I have and still will recommend your company"

– Ashley P. (Ontario, CA)

"The office staff was easy to work with, and our Chauffeur Rodney was a consummate professional and we enjoyed his service tremendously.  We will certainly recommend this limousine service to our friends"

– Kathy B. (Norfolk, VA)

"I had the best overall service by any limousine company I have ever had to deal with. was right on top of everything I needed for my large group move.  I would recommend this company to anyone I know, they are very professional"

– Kevin K. (Providence, RI)

"I was very nervous about being late to the airport as this was the first time my children and I have traveled without my husband, but our car was waiting for us (even earlier than planned) when I started to bring our bags downstairs.  Thank you for the incredible service!"

– Jeanette B. (Raleigh, NC)

"Service was excellent... Chauffeurs professional, personable... a PLEASURE to experience airport travel with your service.  Thank you"

– Maria M. (Reno, NV)

"My daughter and her friend were extremely pleased with your service.  As a parent I was happy to not worry about this part of their trip.  Thank you very much"

– Jeanette B. (Fort Myers, FL)

"I was very impressed with the car and the chauffeur, he was right on time and very helpful.  I would definitely recommend your services"

– John N. (San Antonio, TX)

"Brian was the Chauffeur.  Our customer was absolutely thrilled with him, his service, and the vehicle.  They are completely sold on using again.  They had a wonderful, very positive time, and couldn't say enough good about the entire trip"

– Ray N.. (Louisville, KY)

"Our Chauffeur David was EXCELLENT!  He went above and beyond to make our trip an incredible success.  David was professional, personal, kind and the absolute best Chauffeur we could have asked for.  I will absolutely recommend to my friends and family.  Thank you"

– Amy D. (San Jose, CA)

"AirportLIMO exceeded my expectations in every way.  Sophia was exceptionally kind and helpful over the phone, and Darren provided prompt, professional, prudent driving service from start to finish.  Excellent all around, thank you"

– Nick G. (Washington, DC)

"Our Chauffeur, Tibor, was very professional and personable and did a wonderful job.  We wound up being at our meeting much longer than anticipated, and Tibor was very gracious about the fact we took so long.  A level above other limousine services for sure"

– Craig B. (Chicago, IL)

"I was impressed on every level.  The Reservation Agent, the Chauffeur, the Vehicle, and the Price.  I'll be calling you again"

– Audrey T. (San Juan, PR)

"We got a recommendation from AAA and were more than pleased with the service and professionalism of the staff.  We would recommend to others and will be utilizing your service in the future"

– Clarence T. (Anaheim, CA)

"I'm not sure how you can improve on perfection.  Everything was perfect and way above our expectations.  The Chauffeur was extremely knowledgeable and managed to keep us right on time during our full schedule of meetings"

– Donna C. (Tucson, AZ)

"Thank you for a wonderful first-time experience.  Ben booked my transportation schedule and answered every question kindly and with respect, and made me feel very relaxed about hiring a Car Service.  He assured me that everything would be taken care of and it was.  Tony, our Chauffeur was wonderful, on-time, nice conversation, respectful, and a gentleman.  Thank you for the pride in your work and company"

– Kathleen B. (Charleston, SC)

"We were more than satisfied with the service and professionalism of the Chauffeurs we had.  Bobby, on short notice came as requested 1 hour earlier than scheduled and Art was early.  As we were arriving off the Carnival Cruise Ship we took a chance and called AirportLIMO and they notified Art who was early.  We were thrilled that we did not have to wait 3 hours before we started our journey home.  Great service in every respect.  I would most definitely recommend your company"

– Jean V. (Allentown, PA)

"I would like to compliment Bill, our Chauffeur.  He was very patient and reassuring.  There was a difficult decision to be made.  Hurricane Irene was boiling up the East Coast.  Should be go to Boston or not?  Would the rains hold off so we could see the Red Sox play at noon, or not?  Although he made it clear the final decision was ours, his manner inspired confidence, and we went, and saw part of the game before the rains came.  We had a great time, especially since I didn't have to drive back in the pouring rain on the Massachusetts Pike, thanks to Bill.  My hat's off to him"

– Roderick B. (Unionville, CT)

"After calling several other limousine services in the Bradley Airport area, Lindsey was the most informative, professional, and reasonably priced.  The service level was excellent!  I will recommend AirportLIMO to anyone in the future.  Keep up the great service!"

– Teri G. (Amarillo, TX)

"I have always been on the reservation end of the business for my boss, so it was great experiencing the other end.  The service was fabulous and gives me even more confidence about using AirportLIMO for all our companies ground transportation needs throughout the country.  Thanks"

– Marsha T. (Billings, MT)

"I booked this because I didn't feel comfortable having my parents drive back and forth from the airport since they are both in their late 70's.  This gave my sister, brother, and myself piece of mind.  My parents were thrilled with everything and we will definitely use AirportLIMO in the future"

– Maureen G. (Boise, ID)

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